Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 reads of 2012!

What a year it's been in regards of books! As we bid farewell to 2012, here is a look back at the spectacular, deeply-moving, unforgettable, edge-of-your-seat, reads that made 2012 an awesome year in books!

(Note: This was a tough pick, given that I've read plenty of wonderful books! This is in no order.)

Home Front by Kristin Hannah
Since reading "Winter Garden" a few years back, I've become a huge fan of Kristin's ever since. I even met her earlier this year at Books and Books! Anyway, Kristin's books are very well known for jerking your heart strings and in this story is no exception. A woman torn between motherhood and duty to her nation and the price of that duty felt in her family makes for a deeply moving novel.

The Disappeared by Kim Echlin
I purchased this book at a library sale and I'm so glad I did! Anne, a Canadian finds her soulmate in Serey, a Cambodian refugee who escaped the horror of the Khmer Rouge. A heartbreaking and beautiful novel of love and war that still haunts me.
Ordinary Beauty by Laura Wiess
Since her debut "Such a Pretty Girl", Laura has been hailed by her gut-wrenching stories and her unforgettable heroines. Sayre Bellavia is one such heroine as she struggles to come to terms with her horrifying past and embracing hope in spite of it. Read my review here.

The Dark Side of Innocence by Terri Cheney 
Her best-selling memoir "Manic" was only half of the story. Terri's struggle with Bipolar disorder dates back to her childhood, something she hardly mentioned in "Manic". Pulling back the curtain, Terri writes with brutal honesty and fearlessness that even now, I still can't get over. Simply unforgettable.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Recently, Time magazine named this YA novel the best of 2012. And for good reason. The unconventional love story between Hazel and Gus, two cancer patients, has touched hearts. To be honest, I didn't cry until days after I read the book and I haven't forgotten this beautiful novel since. Read my review.

If I Lie by Corrine Jackson
Another stunning debut of 2012 is Corrine Jackson's story of a young girl becoming a leper in her community after a scandal involving another guy and her sweetheart, an Army soldier about to be deployed to Afghanistan. A true tour-de-force of a novel! Read my review.

The Woman Who Wasn't There by Robin Gaby Fisher
One of the darkest chapters in U.S. history: 9/11. A woman's harrowing tale of loss and survival, Tania Head became a beacon of hope for the survivors of the terrorist attacks. But a cruel and shattering betrayal would unveil the truth about Tania. This book is nothing short of astounding. 

Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio
A mother's love is put to the test when her son goes missing. Decades later, a journalist with a devastating loss of her own, tries to uncover the fate of the missing little boy-only to discover a shocking connection. Sarah Jio has written a heartbreaking and beautiful story of the transcending power of love.

My Name is Light by Elsa Osorio
Luz, a young Argentinian, is searching for her true identity while on vacation in Spain. She finds her father, Carlos, who disappeared into the nightmare of Argentina's "Dirty War". This novel weaves into the past and present and the shocking truths and horrifying betrayals that make this story impossible to put down.

Breathing Water by T. Greenwood
This debut novel gave a satisfying end to 2012. Effie, a young woman, tries to come to terms with a volatile relationship that ended with tragedy. As she navigates through the past, she finds comfort in several people, including her grandmother and a potential love-interest. This is one of those novels that I never wanted to end. Gorgeously written novel.  

Here are some other books that didn't make the list, but were amazing reads nonetheless!

Exposure by Therese Fowler

Try To Remember by Iris Gomez

Hemingway's Girl by Erika Robuck

Enemies Of The People by Kati Marton

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