Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review: If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

Date Read - Sept 2012

In the town of Sweethaven, North Carolina, the Military is a part of the life for it's residence. So when Quinn is caught kissing another guy this has direr consequences for her because her boyfriend, Carey is a well respected soldier who is shipped out to Afghanistan. Deemed the town slut and a traitor, Quinn retreats behind her camera and has to fight her own war. Things get worse when Carey goes missing during combat. As her life quickly spins out of control, Quinn has to face hard truths and lessons on loyalty, betrayal, and love. "If I Lie" is without a doubt one of the most heartbreaking and beautifully written YA debuts of 2012. It will haunt the reader even after the last page is turned. 

One Republic's "Come Home" really goes well with "If I Lie" given that it's a bittersweet melody of love and longing.

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