Sunday, September 02, 2012

Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Date Read: August, 2012

Sixteen year old Hazel has cheated the grim reaper a few times: thyroid cancer. Stuck with a pair of bad lungs hasn't deter her wicked sense of humor (even if that humor is cynical). But forced to join a cancer support group, Hazel finds nothing to look forward until she meets Augustus Waters, a cancer survivor who has the hots for Hazel. Pretty soon, Hazel has to come to terms with the painful and hard lessons of love, dying, and the legacy we leave behind. This book was very bittersweet for me, given that a few of my friends have battled cancer and one of them passed away five years ago. Painful but a beautiful read, John Green has given us two amazing and extraordinary characters of Hazel and Gus and their story of love and defiance against the grim reaper. 

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In their honor and all the others like them, I leave you with Jason Mraz's beautiful song "I Won't Give Up". Enjoy!

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