Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: "A Marker to Measure Drift" by Alexander Maksik

Publication- July 30th, 2013-Knopf
Date Read- June 21st, 2013
Source- Edelweiss
In a remote Greek island, Jacqueline, a young woman, lives in a cave on a beach. Everyday, she drifts from the present struggles of finding food and shelter, to the memories of her life before madness engulfed her country of Liberia. As she navigates through the destructive terrain of the past horror, Jacqueline finds sources of joy from the delicious coffee she drinks to swimming through the cool sea under the merciless sun. It's not until some time,  she learns that life isn't only about surviving, but ultimately thriving. 
Hypnotic, sensual, and captivating, Alexander Maksik's "A Marker to Measure Drift" is brutal but beautifully written. I was entranced by Jacqueline's journey through the horror of the past and her struggle to reclaim her life. This will grip the reader until the very end. 

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