Friday, March 04, 2011

Review: "Crash Into Me: A Survivor's Seach for Justice" Liz Seccuro

Date Finished - Mar 4, 2011

 A life can change either in an instant or in a few hours. For Liz Seccuro in one night, her world was shattered by her brutal rape by another University of Virginia student in 1984. Years later, Liz who is happily married and a mother of a young girl is contacted by William Beebe, the same man who raped her apologizing for his crime. So begins "Crash Into Me", a brutally raw, unflinching, and harrowing memoir. After she was raped, she was failed justice by UVA who swept it under the rug as did the brotherhood of the sorority in which the crime took place. By the end, you will feel anger at the failure of a broken system and cheer for Liz Seccuro's strength and fearless courage on behalf of rape survivors everywhere.

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