Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: The Anger Meridian by Kaylie Jones

Date Read – January 18th, 2015
Publication Date- July 7th, 2015 – Akashic Press
Source - Publisher

     Merryn Huntley’s life has been turned upside down after her husband Beau is killed in a car accident. In order to protect herself and Tenney, her nine year old daughter, they both flee to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to Bibi. Since Merryn was young Bibi told her “When you tell a lie, make sure you keep it as close to the truth as possible, because it will be easier to remember.” Merryn has taken this belief way too heart. Merryn will witness her life fall apart as lie after lie is exposed from her husband’s so-called business to unearthing Bibi’s ruthless reign and the isolation she subjected Merryn to. That is if Merryn decides to not only fight for the truth but for her very life.
     I have always known Kaylie as a first rate novelist with reading Celeste Ascending, Speak Now and her memoir Lies My Mother Never Told Me. She vividly captures the landscape with intricate details that left me in awe. At times, I was annoyed with Merryn and her refusal to face reality. As for Bibi, she’s a great case study of the nightmare that no mother should subject their children to.
The title is an interesting choice. Merryn’s yoga instructor explains that the anger meridian is the time in the twenty four hour cycle when anger is at its strongest.
     This isn’t the first time that I read The Anger Meridian with Kaylie being so kind enough to letting me read the draft last year. I was instantly hooked and it was impossible to put my kindle down.
     Kaylie has outdone herself with The Anger Meridian a thrilling and suspenseful novel that will have you hopelessly hooked from page one and will refuse to relinquish your eyes to every page, regardless of sleep deprivation.