Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: "Falling for You" by Lisa Schroeder

Date read - October 13th, 2013
Date published - January 1, 2013 - Simon Pulse
Source - Personal collection

Rae's life is a complete mess: an absent mother, an abusive step-father, and struggling to find love. She escapes with writing poetry and listening to music, one of the few things she can look forward. That changes when Rae meets Nathan, the new guy at school. Their love grows and Rae feels the love that she has been hoping for and more. But soon, that love is suffocating her and Nathan is unwilling to let her go. Throughout all this, she leans on Leo for support and a love that makes her feel alive. However as events spiral out of control and with danger chasing her, Rae has to make a choice: let the darkness swallow her whole or fighting for the light.
 I've read all of Lisa's books and I absolutely adore her. Usually she writes in prose, however this is the first time she writes in regular prose. At first, I was a bit thrown off by this and had to read back on a few paragraphs. If it was unsteady at the beginning, she makes up for it as the story moves along. It would help if she continues to develop more with writing regular prose if she decides to try it again. The story itself is amazing and of course like in all of her novels, I couldn't put it down. My intention was to read a few chapters, but I never imagined to finish the 300 or so pages of the novel in one sitting (this is the third time this has happened). 
 Lisa Schroeder has never disappointed her legion of fans (me being one of them) and "Falling for You" is another novel that readers will love. The characters are wonderful, the plot is suspenseful  and the message of love and light is something that will stick with readers after the last page is turned. 

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