Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: "Time Between Us" by Tamara Ireland Stone

Date Read - Oct, 2012

"If I could catch time in a bottle..." This would perfectly describe this spectacular debut. Anna Greene, a kind hearted, high school, wanna-be world traveler. Desperate for adventure and excitement, she finds it in Bennett Cooper, a concert-junkie, sweetie talking, time traveler. He's from 2012 San Francisco and has come to Anna's 1995 Chicago world. This is only the beginning for Anna and Bennett's journey of adventure, heartache, and love. Tamara Ireland Stone's debut is deeply moving and heartfelt and can't help but be swept in this amazing story.

Special thank you goes out to the fabulous girls at Southern Book Bloggers for loaning me a copy!


Erika said...

This looks like such an interesting book. Glad to hear you liked it! Thanks!

Lynne said...

Loved your review. I keep seeing this book get 4 and 5 star reviews ... I'm seriously going to have to read it for myself, soon!