Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness August wrap up

Every month, the gals over at Book Soulmates host something called Random Acts of Kindness (R.A..K.). Basically, it's a great way to spread the joy of books by granting a stranger with a book on their wishlist. This      month, while browsing through the R.A.K. sign up list, I saw that Jess from The Daily Bookmark wanted a copy of "Auschwitz: A New History" by Laurence Rees which I had. Jess was so happy when I offered to send it to her that she in exchange wanted to send me a copy of "Breaking Beautiful" by Jennifer Shaw Wolf which had been on my own wishlist. In the end, were both happy with our new books. Why do this, some wonder? Because not only do you make another person's wish come true but you make yourself feel good as well. And it doesn't hurt to have your own wish come true! Please go over to Book Soulmates and sign up!

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