Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: "Bitter Melon" by Cara Chow

Date Read - April 20, 2011

For Frances, a high school senior the two things that she needs to accomplish is to get accepted into UC Berkeley and becoming a doctor. But her plan (which is mostly her mother Gracie plans) is put on hold when Frances is enrolled in Speech class. As she finds out her new passion for public speaking, Frances must decide between the life her mother wants or what Frances wants for herself. Cara Chow's debut novel is something that has both captivated and moved me so deeply to the point of tears. The struggles against abuse, humiliation, and manipulation that Frances endures against her mother is something that the reader will instantly connect. I couldn't help but think about the luck I have that my own mother and I have a beautiful mother/daughter relationship. I strongly urge everyone to read this both bittersweet and beautifully written debut!    

Shout out to Fire and Ice for the ARC of "Bitter Melon"!

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