Friday, February 25, 2011

Cry in the Night

The scream was pure and swift as I collapsed. My legs are turned to jello. My dad’s body slumped over his recliner. His refusal to go to the hospital the night before was a fatal flaw. It’s been four days since his death and I am experiencing sadness and longing. But on the other hand, peace and joy. My dad had been sick for quite a while and I guess he must have seen both mom and me suffering for his ailing health. The restrictions were many and I held it over my weary shoulders. Now that he is gone, mom and me have become closer than ever. Gone are the arguments and are replaced with hugs, laughter, and the occasional tears. She has a strong faith in God and that has made her whole. I know a part of her will miss dad, however for the most part we both are managing just fine.
Unfortunately, across the ocean amidst the bloodshed in Libya a young woman is trapped in her home struggling to survive another day. She makes a desperateplea to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. She speaks of the hundreds of Libyans dying in the streets against Gaddafi’s thugs for their freedom. Her voice on the verge of tears as she confides in Anderson and the world of her fear and pain. My heart aches for this stranger who is just like me in every way: She is human. We are all human, doesn’t that count for something? She has no right to suffer like this. Nobody does. What’s more rmarkable is the way Anderson’s voice struggling to maintain his voice that it seems at any given moment he will burst into tears. Call it what you will, he has every right to feel emotion given that he, too is human.
Divided we stand, but we are united by the pain in our hearts.

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