Saturday, August 01, 2009

Book reviews on the go!

Greeting my fellow book lovers! I'll be doing mini book reviews for those who might not have the time to read a WHOLE two page book review so here are some of the sweet books I've read so far: 

I Heart You, You Haunt Me
Lisa Schroeder
Ava is totally overwhelmed and heartbroken when her boyfriend Jackson dies and she thinks her life is ruined. But just as she is in misery, Jackson finds different ways to communicate with Ava letter her know that love does have a strong and never ending bond that can defy death. Truly an amazing and heartfelt love story in great verse style by the equally extraordinary Lisa Schroeder!

Preserving Memory: The Struggle to Create America's Holocaust Museum
Edward T. Linenthal
With the recent tragedy at the Holocaust Museum of the shootout resulting in the death of Officer Stephen Johns, this would be a great time to go behind the scenes and learn how the Museum came to exist. Lots of tension and drama!

Crazy Love
Leslie Morgan Steiner
Leslie seemed to be living the perfect life: great job at Seventeen, Harvard grad, and a loving boyfriend. But of course, appearance can be deceiving. Conner beat, kicked, choked, threaten, and almost destroyed Leslie with his brute violence. This is NOT a light read, but very important memoir on how this could happen to anyone.

Alrighty, you can get these lovely books at either you local library, bookstore, Amazon, or at
Until then , HAPPY READING!

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