Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rules for the average booklover

Sometimes for me, too much of a good thing isn't very healthy. When I go to the library, I usually walk away with a book or two despite that fact that I have other books I'm reading at home. So what ends up happening I return those books I didn't finish since they're due. So of course, I set up some simple but important rules on the art of reading:

  • If your curious about a certain subject, read a book!
  • If your not enjoying the book your reading, you don't have to finish it (If it's part of an assignment for school, you have to finish it).

  • Just like eating, don't overload with too many books, or you'll be bogged down with characters, plots, and the conflicts.

  • Make sure you return your books on time.

And remember the most important rule of all:


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Sharada said...

Ruth! Hopped over here from Facebook! Great to see you have a blog running. Will follow up regularly.