Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Posting

Welcome all to my blog!! Let me start of by saying happy new year to everyone :-) Since this was a new year, I decided to start blogging about the books I'm reading and those I adore. I guess my love for reading began when I was in the 8th grade when I started reading "The Princess Diaries" by Meg Cabot. I read it during classes and at home. I was hooked to reading ever since. For the past five years when I was in high school, I've read dozens and dozens of books from World War II to Celebrity tell-all. From serious historical fiction to gulity pleasures. I like reading a little bit of everything. I'll post some of my favorites and maybe if your clueless on what to read, I'll try to help. Until then, stay safe and happy reading!!!


Zoƫ said...

Wonderful, Ruth, as always!
I will continue to check out this blog!
xox Zoe

Clare White said...

yay - a blog from Ruth at last! xx