Thursday, June 05, 2014

Review: "Rumble" by Ellen Hopkins
Date read-April 8, 2014
Date published-August, 26 2014-Simon and Schuster

Eighteen year old Matthew Turner has no belief in anything. Not of his brother's suicide, his parent's crumbling marriage, his former friends who turned their backs on him. But his strongest belief, and one that he feels strongly about, is of the non-existence of God or any higher being, despite the fact that his girlfriend Hayden's deep religious faith. Matt chooses to live it up, without the intention of being responsible. That is before a horrific accident that will question everything he has doubted.
 I have always been a fan of Ellen's books, from her debut "Crank" to finally re-reading "Identical" (my favorite). In this latest one, she uses her talents of raw story-telling and organizing the prose, as she always does. Despite Matt's flaws, I liked him right away, who is someone who tries to hide the pain and abandonment, behind the facade of bad-ass. The story moved fast, and by the end, I was breathless, in awe of the story.
 It doesn't surprise me, or anyone, why Ellen Hopkins's novel are so well-liked and has a huge fan-base. I had the pleasure of meeting her twice. This latest novel will shock and awe the reader. A book I recommend.  

"What I've Done" perfectly describes Matt's struggles with the mistakes and the past that has haunted him.